Society Information

Finnish scientists have been active in the field of gene therapy for several years. The Finnish Society of Gene Therapy was established in 1999 to be able to share ideas between research groups and individual scientists as well as organize scientific meetings and training courses.

We are happy to welcome everyone interested in gene transfer and gene therapy and residing in Finland to join the Finnish Gene Therapy Society. Membership is free and will be activated upon sending your contact information to the society.

President’s Letter

The Finnish Society of Gene Therapy (FSGT) was established in 1999 to support research in gene and cell therapy and to promote education of general public, funding agencies, regulators and society at large on this novel form of therapy. Since then the field has moved from an early experimental stage and clinical testing to a more mature discipline which today covers excellent basic science, translational applications and clinical research with the first encouraging examples of the potential of gene and cell therapy as a new branch of medicine. An important milestone was the approval of the first gene therapy product (Glybera®) for the clinical treatment of severe lipoprotein lipase deficiency by the European Union authorities in November 2012. The path is now open for other gene medicines to follow.
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